Painted Tuxedo Bostons 
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Painted Tuxedo Bostons Gallery
Our Adult Dogs:
AKC Painted Tuxedo Bostons' "Champagne Deja Vu"
"Deja" was born November 13, 2015. She is JHC clear, non carrier. Deja is a very sweet and gentle girl who loves to cuddle and chase us around the house for food! She is very laid back and loves to play outside. Deja weighs about 18 pounds. 
AKC Painted Tuxedo Bostons' "Sargeant Stirling" 
"Sarge" is a blue splash Boston. He is JHC clear through parentage. He is an active and alert Boston, and he also "talks" to let us know when he wants something! Sarge weighs about 16 pounds and has a longer muzzle and long legs. 
AKC Painted Tuxedo Bostons' "Mississippi Blue Belle"
Bella is JHC-clear, non carrier. Bella loves to go on morning walks to the post office with her mom and enjoys eating table scraps after dinner. Her puppies are always born with excellent markings and great temperaments. She weighs approximately 20 pounds. 
Our Retired Dogs
AKC Painted Tuxedo Bostons' "Red Fawn Prince Charles" 
"Charlie" is our new Stud, he is a GORGEOUS Light Red color with a light black fawn masked face. Joining our program in March 2021, and born in Oklahoma, his unique look and genetics will add more colors and combinations into our breeding program. He carries for all colors (red, blue, champagne, black) as well as fawn mask and brindle. We are excited to see what colors and looks he produces with our girls. He is also JHC-clear through parentage. He likes to have the tip of his tongue sticking out (2nd picture) when he is relaxing. 
AKC Painted Tuxedo Bostons' "Luck O' the Lilac Fiona"
"Fiona" (or "Fifi") was born March 8, 2020, sired by Sarge and Deja. She is JHC-clear by parentage. Fiona is a long and lean champagne/lilac girl, with a mis-marked face but even markings on legs and back. She has an average to long muzzle. Her eyes are heterochromatic, with one ice-blue and one light green. This does not effect her vision or health of her eyes. This is a trait she might pass to her puppies.  
AKC Painted Tuxedo Bostons' Lumen Blü
AKC Painted Tuxedo Bostons' Miss Sadie Blue Belle
"Sadie lives in Harper's Ferry, Iowa and is the daughter of Bella and Diesel (both retired). Bella is a gorgeous blue girl with perfect markings. She is about 22 pounds with long legs and a short to average muzzle. She is JHC clear via parentage. 
"Blue" is the daughter of Sadie and Sarge. Born November 12, 2020, she is planned to have her first litter Fall 2022. She is a beautiful blue girl with a solid build and even mask and markings.